The Avatar Log Visualizer

Through funding from the National Science Foundation, the River City team has developed an application to visualize event logs. We are pleased to make this prototype and its source code available for general use and further development under a BSD-style license. We hope that it will benefit others working in virtual worlds as much as it has us.

The Avatar Log Visualizer (AVL) generates a series of slides depicting the relative frequency events of one or more subpopulations of students, aggregated by user-specified location and time bins, by projecting colors of varying intensity on a geographic map of the world. (The image to the left compares the frequency of events for two subpopulations, represented by orange and blue, in a certain session in River City.) The application is written in Java for cross-platform support and data must be stored in a MySQL database, though the data layer has been coded in an abstracted fashion to facilitate the addition of other data sources. AVL may be run from the command-line, to support automated generation of visualizations, or through a simple interface, which provides album and slideshow capabilities for image view. To take advantage of parallel processing, the application supports multi-threading.

Click this link to download the application (for Macintosh, Windows, or Linux) and full source. Please contact with comments or questions.

Copyright 2008, President and Fellows of Harvard College